Getting tattooed

To get tattooed (or to be on the waiting list) send an email to the artist of your choice

with GETTING TATTOOED in the subject line


with the following info:


Please send Us the WHERE, WHAT and SIZE:

*reference photos (inspiration)

* description of the tattoo

* photos of the body part to be tattooed (preferably with a ruler or measuring tape

so that We can determine the size of the space. If taken with photobooth PLEASE

mention so that We know which arm/leg/foot etc We are tattooing and so that

your design isn't drawn backwards). Please don’t forget to write your CITY in the subject

line of the email so that We know where you are and can add you to the appropriate list.

If you change your design idea after confirmation We can't guarantee your appointment since We take booking on a piece by piece basis.


(Pretty please DO NOT send multiple emails (that includes messaging Us

on instagram or facebook)




For Conventions We book the month before.


For the Guest Spot appointment, please

call the shop or email.


Facebook: Nico Lina

Tel 02591 96 588 44